Be Love Now                  Meditation


We have been searching for the answer outside of us, while this entire time, the answer is within.  



What is the truth?  Who's telling the truth?  Who should I follow on social media?   


The society we live in today offers us a great diversity of views and opinions.  The question is, which opinion is correct?    Why is the world so divided?  What or whom should we believe?  How do I know?  


My intention doing this work is to help you restore the inner Wisdom with which you were born.  Then... and only then... You will know how to let your inner Wisdom guide you through life.   


The world is chaotic because most people are no longer connected to their True Self.  We tend to achieve through external means to create a False Self, which at the end of our physical life, will eventually dissolve regardless how big and puffy it was created to be. 


If we want peace, either around us or within us, we need to start the work within ourselves first. This is the journey of a lifetime.  Once you find the path, nothing can be more beautiful and rewarding.  





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