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We have been searching for the answer outside of us, while this entire time, the answer is within.  



What is the truth?  Who's telling the truth?  Who should I follow on social media?  


The society we live in today offers us a great diversity of views and opinions.  The question is, which opinion is correct?    Why is the world so divided?  What or whom should we believe?  


My intention doing this work is to help you restore the inner wisdom which you were born with.  Then... and only then... you will know.  You will follow the Knowing with peace.   To me, this is the only way we can save ourselves from the external noise and chaos.   


Also, remember this:  we are always guided.  We just have to find that Inner Compass again.  It's always there.  


World peace cannot be possible without individual peace.  The work starts with us.  


Having a regular mindfulness practice will help us on this journey.  


It is not easy to navigate through life in this modern living with so many distractions around us.  


Even our phone wouldn't leave us alone.  


Instead of trying to fix or control our outer world,  the solution is within each one of us.  We have the  wisdom to follow our internal compass.  


One of reasons for the increasing unhappiness in our society is because we have lost touch with our inner Self.  We look for guidance and solutions from the outer world, and we are further conflicted and confused.  


Just as exercise is important to our physical health, mindfulness meditation practice is to improve our mental and spiritual health by knowing ourselves at a deeper level.  We start with ourselves.  Then everything else is clear.  


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Remembrance of our Essence 

  Unveiling our Divine nature



The sun does not discriminate. 

It shines on anyone who chooses to be in it.  


Gratitude   Love

Freedom    Compassion

...remembering who we are....