Emily grew up in a traditional Buddhist family.  However, she found God in a Christian church later in life. After decades of following Jesus' teachings, her spiritual journey took a deeper dive with her contemplative meditation practice. 


Whether you believe you are a cosmic accident, a karmic incarnation, or a creation of the Divine, we are all from the same Source. Throughout history in different cultures and religions, various words have been used to refer to this Higher Existence. 


Along Emily's spiritual journey,  her learning has been further influenced by many beautiful spiritual teachers, e.g. Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hanh, Richard Rohr, Jack Kornfield and many others.  


Emily is devoted to share her life with anyone and everyone from all walks of life. The Higher Power doesn't discriminate or favor. We are all children from the same Source.  If you are a parent, you know how you love all your children.  


If you can imagine each one of us is a cell in a body which consists of different systems - digestive, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, etc.  If I am a cell in the heart, let's say,  I cannot function all by myself. I need other cells in the heart to help pumping the blood effectively. At the same time,  we the heart, also depend on the kidneys, the lungs and other organs to function well.  If the kidneys are sick, the heart will be affected as well.  You see, we are all interconnected. We may think I just need to hang out with my heart cell  buddies because we look alike and we think alike, but the reality doesn't work like that.  We depend on each other, and we affect each other.  Our thoughts and actions matter more than we think.  


In addition, more scientific data are pointing to the importance of our mind-body connection.  Every aspect of our being - physical, mental and spiritual -  are intrinsically connected. We cannot have a healthy body if we are stressed out all day. 


In this practice, we'll learn how to regulate our nervous system so we're not on fight-or-flight, reactive mode all day.  We will have a chance to live the life we're supposed to live, with clarity and peace.  


The connection we have with one another, with nature, with animals, and with our own self, is more important than we think.  We are not alone. We are never alone.  


A spiritual teacher said, "All spiritual teachings point to dissolving the illusion that we are separate."


We are never separate. We just think we are.  


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Certifications and Trainings


~ Certified mindfulness meditation instructor;  Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (MMTCP) 


~ Masterclass Interactive Guided Meditation, Jack Kornfield


~ Collective Trauma Informed Leadership, The Pocket Project, Thomas Huebl 


~ The Science of Medical Intuition. Self-Diagnosis and Healing with Your Body's Energy Systems, Dr. Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss 


~ End-of-Life Doula,  INELDA (International End-of-Life Doula Association)   


- How to navigate Dementia, INELDA trained


~ Fellow, American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery



Deepest gratitude to teachers who have shared their wisdom and teachings:  


Ram Dass

Thich Nhat Hanh

Eckhart Tolle

Richard Rohr 

Michael Singer 

Yongey Migyur Rinpoche

Jesus Christ



Jean Klein 


Jack Kornfield

Tara Brach 

Frank Ostaseski

Jeffrey Rediger

Brian Weiss 

Thomas Huebl 

Michael Pollan

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Dan Siegel 

Paramahansa Yogananda 

Shunryu Suzuki 

Gabor Mate

Caroline Myss

Norm Shealy

Brene Brown 

David Chadwick

Pema Chodron

Roy Eugene Davis

David Godman

Rick Hanson 

Cheri Huber

Ruth King 

Ryan Kurczak

Thomas Merton 

Kristin Neff

Terry Real 

Sebene Selassie

David Treleaven

Shefali Tsabary

Christiane Wolf


(....the list keeps growing...)