What is Belly Breathing?

Some people also call this Diaphragmatic breathing


Try taking a few relaxing deep breaths through your nose, by feeling the rise and fall of your belly.  You may place your hand on your abdomen so you can feel the movement of your belly.  Nice and slow.  This is not to be forced.  Just relax.  You can close your eyes if it helps.   


When we breathe in, the belly rises.  When we breathe out, the belly falls.  Imagine there is a balloon inside your belly, and it would inflate as you breathe in and deflate as you breathe out.


You may also try this first while lying down, so you can feel the belly movement easier as you place your hand on the belly.   Nice and slow.  With ease.  After a few breaths like this, you can just relax and let your breathing do its work naturally.  


Our vagal nerve regulates our nervous system.  When the nerve is innervated through this method of breathing, our nervous system automatically gets calmed and our mind gets quiet.   Naturally in our Western culture,  we haven't learned to breathe this way,  except for people who have learned how to sing professionally or played band instruments. Just like a muscle, which needs to trained,  it gets stronger with practice.   


Be gentle with yourself.  For some of us, this has to be learned.    At first, do it a few times a day,  especially in bed before you fall asleep.  


Throughout the day, you may breathe this way  whenever you remember.  Perhaps when you take a bathroom break.  Perhaps when you sit waiting  in the traffic for the lights to turn green.   Perhaps before you talk to an emotionally charged colleague at work.   Breathe and feel the shift in your inner energy.  


The more you practice this way of breathing, the more natural it becomes.  Once it becomes natural, you don't have to use your hand to guide you.  It will be something you do without any effort.  


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