Common Questions

What is Mindful Eating? 

What is Mindfulness?

How Should I start?

Difference between Meditation and Mindfulness

How do I start meditation at home for beginners?  

What is Belly Breathing?  

Why can't I sit still while meditating?

What is mindful eating?

How often do we chug down a bag of potato chips in front of TV without knowing it until afterwards?  


When we eat mindfully, we can enjoy our food and our eating experience so much more.   


Each eating experience is an opportunity to slow down and enjoy our human living existence...

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of living. 


We use our senses to connect our mind and body.  It grounds our presence and helps us remember who we are. 


How should I start?

Our intention should not be mistaken.  Do not view this as another life achievement on your to-do list. The more you chase, the more frustrated you will be...

Difference between Meditation and Mindfulness

Usually, when we talk about "meditation,"  it implies us sitting still as a formal practice.  It may also be a word to indicate a certain quality of being.  


There are many methods of meditation.  Mindfulness is one of them.  


So can you practice mindfulness without doing meditation?  I think the answer is Yes.   


However,  having a regular meditation practice enhances our mindful skills for day-to-day activities....    

How do I start meditation at home for beginners

Just like anything new we're trying out,  it helps to have a beginner's mind of being open and receptive. Don't judge or analyze.  Be curious. Have a "try it out" attitude.


Also, along the way, do not criticize or judge yourself.  There is no "perfect" method. Just a method that works for you.  That method may also change over time.  Be flexible. Be open. Be loving...

What is Belly Breathing?

This is also called diaphragmatic breathing.  Our vagal nerve regulates our nervous system.  When the nerve is innervated through this method of breathing, our nervous system automatically gets calmed and our mind gets quiet.  

Why can't I sit still while meditating?

Often times, we sit all day at work in front of the computer. 


We finally arrive home.  We are determined to spend a few minutes meditating.  Finally,  we get in our quiet room, set up the chair or cushion, and we sit. 


After a few minutes,  we still feel fidgety.  Our mind can't stop.  Our body doesn't want to sit....  What is going on?   

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