How should I start?

Our intention should not be mistaken.  Please do not view this as another life achievement on your to-do list. The more you chase, the more frustrated you will be.   The more we let go of our attachment to outcome, the more we will learn. 


We should be committed to it,  but with no expectations or an end goal to strive for.  Try letting go of any expectation or judgment.   It sounds paradoxical.  But that may just be a life long lesson to learn.   


For example, we all know the benefits of having a  regular exercise routine. We don't strive to achieve anything, we simply work out because we enjoy the process.  We also benefit from its byproducts - sleeping better, maintaining a healthy weight,  etc.    


But if we set out a goal, for instance, I'm training for a marathon in 6 months.  Life may feel great during the training.  We feel even more amazing during the race and immediately afterwards.  What an accomplishment!   However, a few days later, we easily fall back into the usual disappointment and anxiety state.  Now we feel we need to set another goal, so we can work towards it.   Do you see the endless trap of goal-achieving cycles we easily fall into?  This only creates more delusion of what makes us happy.  


How should we do this then?  We simply commit and be diligent about our practice.  Intention and action both matter.  But we are not looking for any end goal.  Any expectation will be an obstacle.  


Once you have the right intention, there are many resources to start your mindfulness practice.  Many online apps and websites offer tools and resources.  You may seek guidance from a trained teacher. 


If you have history of PTSD or childhood trauma experience, please be aware that vigorous, unguided meditation by using self-help apps may trigger symptoms.  It is better to seek teaching and guidance from a trained meditation teacher if you have a trauma history.  


Whatever you choose to do, it should align with your heart.  You shouldn't feel forced or pressured. Don't be doing this, just because everyone else is. 


Listen to your heart.  Trust it is always guiding you.  


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