What is Mindfulness Meditation?


Most of our thoughts and actions are on auto-pilot throughout the day.  


Usually, when our body is here, our mind is somewhere else.  It is judging the driver in front of us, or it is planning what to have for dinner while eating lunch.   When we are with our friends, we check our email....  our mind or attention is often not where our body is.  This is what most of us do all day long.  Except it is causing more anxiety and unease all around us.  We have lost touched with our inner Being.  


Being "mindful" is to be aware of this present moment with an open heart.   


Some of our thoughts are often false and negative, yet we can be consumed by them by repeating the same scenarios in our head over and over.  After some rumination, even though we know it is not true, it has become a reality in our head.  Our body reacts accordingly. We start having physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, increased blood pressure and heart rate, digestive issues, insomnia, etc.  Now our bodily symptoms are making us even more anxious.   Many of us can relate to this.  


The importance of mind-body connection is very true and can be skilled in this practice.  


Mindfulness meditation teaches us to bring our awareness to the present moment, with relaxation of body and mind.  It is not about changing who we are.  It is a practice to be friends with ourselves.  Right here and right now.  Meeting every part of ourselves with curiosity and compassion.  


Being mindful is also to recognize these patterns in us.  Though we recognize, we don't judge or blame.  We notice, and we simply be with it.  The essence of the practice is not some kind of effort to change our  thoughts or behavior so we become a better person. It is realizing we are already whole and complete, no matter what you may think of yourself.  It is to remove the illusions we have about ourselves. It is to remove the veil that blinds our vision.    


We understand our thoughts are not us.  Our emotions are not us.  We are not our stories. We are not even our bodies. Who we are in essence is in the seat of observation noticing our experiences.  We are like the sky that holds and watches the clouds. We simply recognize and witness their existence, coming and going.    


We learn to understand the changing nature of these existence.  Nothing is permanent, just like the clouds, constantly changing.  What doesn't change is the background sky which in essence is our true nature. 


We know that we are not the societal labels we put on ourselves, or others put on us.  We are beyond any label or "identity"- a deep knowing that we are all connected to each other and to the Divine Existence where everything came from and will return to.    


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The sun does not discriminate.  It shines on anyone who chooses to be in it.