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This is an experiential, embodied practice to connect with your Real Self. 

A note from Emily...


My meditation teaching is not a cookie-cutter method from any tradition. It's my own insight from years of sitting, combining both Eastern and Western traditions. I'm grateful that I've been exposed to both. 


I think all methods are just methods, no matter what it is we're learning. It can serve as a guide at the beginning, but with practice, we need to find our own way that works for us, and let go of the method eventually. This applies to a lot of things in life I believe.  Because only YOU know what works for you. So in these classes, I teach people a variety of ways to meditate, and I encourage them to figure out their own way based on the tools that I teach and share.


Meditation can take us to many levels. Most Westerners know it helps with anxiety and depression... but if we keep up with the practice, it can go much deeper and sweeter, then we can feel the magic that the Universe is conversing with us constantly. ♥️  


Much gratitude for our connection,


Basic           ($55)

This is for people who are unsure about the higher level course purchase.

Access to FIRST chapter of the Advanced Course. 

Weekly group meditation/Q & A sessions for a month.

Comprehensive ($437)

 Self-paced 7-week curriculum. Each week, you are provided a new topic of learning and practical tools for meditation.

Weekly group meditation/Q & A sessions for one year.

You'll be able to review learned material at any time for one year.  

Advanced  ($971)

Self-paced 11-week curriculum. Each week, you are provided a new topic of learning and practical tools for meditation.

In addition to having same learning material as the Advanced Course, this course dives into deeper topics such as Forgiveness, Chronic Pain, Equanimity. 

Weekly group meditation/Q & A sessions for one year.


Monthly private meditation sessions for one year. 


You'll be able to review learned material at anytime for one year.  


Please know the following prerequisites before enrolling:


1. Put in your effort


2. Be sincere and intentional WHY you are doing this work


3. This is not another life achievement or endeavor


4. Have a beginner's mind


A glimpse of the course content (clips from class recordings 

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If you have any questions, please contact Emily via either 


~ email:   BeLoveNow.meditation@gmail.com or 


~ phone: (970) 460-6575